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falcon patch adventures for ruby 1.9.3

OK, I got the super-cool falcon patch (as it’s known in rvm) working on my Snow Leopard Macs, but had a few issues with it, and not because of the patch itself:

  • For some reason, building any 1.9.3 in rvm on my machines screws up the Makefile and sticks in a circular reference to building the ruby executable (as in, dependency ruby => ruby). Have to always rip out that last line in the Makefile and make ; make install.
  • As rvm so succinctly warned me (I had no idea rvm requirements existed!), GCC & associated bits in the default Snow Leopard XCode release are broken. I was getting segfaults on garbage collection within the cached load path part of the patch, which is where the real speed came from. I installed osx-gcc-installer and removed the rest of XCode, then recompiled and everything worked fine.

How much of an improvement for me? 3 RSpec runs of a big app went from 2:40.742s (1.9.2-p290 with load patch) to 1:48.104s (1.9.3-p0 with falcon patch). A 33% speed increase. Sweet.